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Last Updated December 10, 2003

LabMice Link of the Day Archive - November 2001
As we surf the web in our pursuit of additional content for LabMice, we occasionally stumble upon a really cool, humorous, unusual, or very useful link that we think should stand out from the hundreds we add every week. So we developed a small section on our front page to highlight these, and will archive the rest here.

Securing Exchange Server
In terms of the data they hold, your Exchange Server systems are probably among your company's most precious possessions. To effectively protect these servers, begin by understanding potential threats: who might decide to attack your mail system, where an attack might originate, what form it might take, and how it might penetrate your defenses. Then, familiarize yourself with the security tools at your disposal and decide which tools can best defend your systems. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine

A Brief History of The Worm
Self-replicating malware has been an issue in computer security for many years, dating back at least to Ken Thompson's self replicating code. But in the past few years, worms and viruses have become serious pests: spreading around the world in a matter of hours with the capacity to carry highly damaging payloads. This article will take a brief look at the evolution of worms and other malware, in an attempt to better understand how we got to where we are today. Source:

BadTrans virus bites Windows users hard
Computer users turned on their PCs this morning to find their In-boxes flooded with copies of the latest mass mailing virus. BadTrans.B is a variant of a virus which first appeared in April. It usually arrives as an email with either the subject line Re: (name of file attachment) or Re: (the subject line of a previous message thread). Source: The Register

Protecting Information with physical security
Technical safeguards are important components to such an overall security plan. But such infosecurity countermeasures as firewalls, VPNs, digital signatures, viruses, authentication, access control, incident response, encryption and others can become close to worthless if physical security is weak. A sampling of 'war stories' illustrate this point nicely. 

Perfume Smells Like Geek Spirit
Just what all geeks need for the holidays: perfume that smells like a computer. "Because the olfactory is nothing tangible," a spokesman says, "it's like a digital experience," Uh, OK. Source: Wired

How to Get Your Notebook Through Security
The airline industry is walking a difficult line, trying to woo customers back into the air without unduly inconveniencing and frustrating frequent flyers. But in the spotlight of public scrutiny and law enforcement evaluation, security isn't likely to get lighter. Continued, if sporadic, reports of weapons passing checkpoints are apt to toughen security measures. So, what can you expect now, and what's ahead? Source: PCWorld

Microsoft Personal Security Advisor
Microsoft Personal Security Advisor (MPSA) is an easy to use web application that will help you secure your Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 computer system. Simply navigate to the MPSA site and press the Scan Now button to receive a detailed report of your computer's security settings and recommendations for improvement. Source:

Buzzword Hangman
The giddily morbid game that you so loved as a child has been repurposed, re-engineered, and reparadigmed to help you catch up with the latest business buzzwords. Dive in, take your chances, and draw upon your short- and long-term memories to decode the buzzwords and save the little stick man whose fate hangs in the balance. Source: Fast Company

Hotfix Management Tools Maturing
As Microsoft systems are repeatedly impacted by malicious worms, the importance of keeping up to date on hotfixes and service packs has been hammered home for IT. Fortunately, several tools are available to help with the job, and the toolsets are maturing. Source: ENT Online

One of the biggest differences between XP and earlier versions of Windows is its built-in support for wireless Ethernet networks. 802.11b wireless LANs have become popular in the past year. Setting up a wireless LAN isn't terribly difficult, but Windows XP makes it even easier. Source: 8Wire

Understanding the "Net" in .NET
I've read several good and bad attempts to describe .NET, but most of those attempts are equal parts technology and marketing spin. You're probably ready for a .NET discussion that cuts through the hype and focuses on the technology. Will .NET's Web Services vastly simplify your life or entangle your environment with new challenges? Probably a little of both. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine

This free online calculator enables you to compute and analyze the expected ROI (if any) associated with migrating a current Windows computing environment to Windows XP. Source:

Trojans make firewalls futile
Security watchers have warned that personal firewalls may be an "exercise in futility" given the latest developments in Trojan techniques that use outbound connections to pick up commands and avoid port blocking and intrusion detection. Source: Vnunet

Calculate your layoff risk--online
Plug in your details, and the 'layoff calculator' will work out your chances of being handed a pink slip by the end of next year, promises a new Web site. Source: ZDNet (Nov 8, 2001)

One Company's Bogus Bonus
Way, way, way back in time, high-tech companies paid signing bonuses to woo over-recruited employees. Then came the dot-bomb era. At least one company is demanding the return of some of that dough. Source: Wired

CERT advisory covers printer vulnerabilities
Attackers could be using your printer networks to launch denial-of-service attacks, according to a Carnegie Mellon University CERT Coordination Center bulletin released today. Source: ComputerWorld

Ferreting Out Virus 'DNA'
Computer viruses have DNA, just like humans do. At least, that's the theory behind a new program that prevents the spread of computer trashers. Two new security programs use what science knows about humans' physical and psychological makeup to protect computers from people. Source: Wired

Poof! You're a manager
While there aren't a lot of IT management training courses out there, there are steps that newbie supervisors can take to be effective leaders. Source: ComputerWorld

Industry certification has become a controversial benchmark for IT Professionals in the last 5 years. Having the right certifications can make a big difference in pay and job opportunities. CRN surveys employers and solution providers to find out which certification are most popular and which are in demand. Source: CRN

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