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Last Updated December 10, 2003

LabMice Link of the Day Archive - February 2001
As we surf the web in our pursuit of additional content for LabMice, we occasionally stumble upon a really cool, humorous, unusual, or very useful link that we think should stand out from the hundreds we add every week. 

Lockergnome TechSpecialist
The founder and editor of Lockergnome has enlisted the help of Randy Neiland to create a new free daily HTML newsletter designed specifically for Administrators. The newsletter retains the lighthearted and humorous writing style that Lockergnome is known for, and features Information Technology reviews for Windows and Linux users, sysadmin advice, troubleshooting resources, IT job assistance, utilities, and more. Subscribe today!

All your base are belong to us!
A poorly translated but hilarious introduction to an old Sega game called Zero Wing has spawned a web phenomenon that it is sure to flood your mail and web servers. It all started with a spoof site and later an MP3, that were later combined into a Flash animation that is flying around the web at record speeds. You have no chance to survive make your time. ;-)

Vendor slams 'ignorant' network managers
Network managers are increasingly ignorant about internet security, according to a leading vendor. Source: Vnunet (Feb 24, 2001)

Active Directory fix to require significant upgrade
A key security flaw in Microsoft's Active Directory pointed out more than 12 months ago by early adopters won't be patched for nearly another year. What's more, enterprise users will have to upgrade all their directory servers, known as domain controllers, to the forthcoming "Whistler" version of Windows 2000 to activate the patch.

Backup Secrets from a Pro
The backup program in Windows 2000 adds some valuable functionality, but sometimes only a little coding will get you what you really need. This article includes screenshots and script samples for automating backups on small LANs.  Source: MCP Magazine (Feb 2001)

Computer Crime Investigators Toolkit
A 4 part series that devises a summary of basic, practical knowledge, "tricks," if you like, that should interest all computer crime investigators. While they may not be the final word in preparing for an examination, these techniques will provide some insight into the ways and means of computer criminals. 
Source: EarthWeb

Windows 2000 at One Year
A year ago, a survey of ComputerWorld readers found that the No. 1 thing they wanted from Windows 2000 was stability - no more blue screens of death. Now, on the operating system's first anniversary, IT managers agree that Microsoft has delivered on its long-overdue promise of reliability. Source: ComputerWorld (Feb 19, 2001)

What the hell is... WinXP's groovy new UI?
Are we on WinXP Beta 2 yet, or not? And has the radical, revolutionary new UI for XP arrived yet, or not? The answer to both of these questions is of course yes and no. The Register takes a critical look at the new Windows XP Beta. Source: The Register (Feb 19, 2001)

Hardening EFS
Win2K's Encryption File System (EFS) provides users with a simple, transparent way to encrypt files. But before enabling this feature, make sure to set up and troubleshoot the backend key-management and -recovery infrastructure. Source: Information Security Magazine

Locking Down the Laptop
Laptop security can be broken down into three phases: physical security, access control/authentication and tracking/recovery. But the biggest challenge may be changing users' attitudes and habits. Source: Information Security Magazine

Receive a Security Patch in the mail? Don't Install it!
Several e-mails are being circulated, purporting to be Microsoft Security Bulletins and containing attachments that are claimed to be security patches. Microsoft never sends software via e-mail. If you have received such an e-mail, don't run the attachment!

Windows 2000 Migration A Gradual Process
Enterprises planning to adopt Windows 2000 will do so gradually, typically taking six to 12 months to conduct top-down planning and to ensure a smooth migration to Active Directory and other new features. In many cases, IT departments are setting up a central Windows 2000 infrastructure and leaving implementation timing and other details to individual units. Source: PlaneIT (Feb 9, 2001)

Ironclad e-mail delivery on the way
The Internet engineering community is wrapping up work on a new technique for tracking e-mail delivery, an important milestone as the Internet migrates from best-effort delivery of messages to the accountability available with low-tech alternatives such as FedEx.

Don't be fooled: 'Carnivore' lives!
The FBI may have changed the name to something less menacing, but its controversial e-mail surveillance system to snoop on suspects lives on. It now goes by the less beastly moniker of DCS1000. Source: ZDNet (Feb 11, 2001)

Cloak & Dagger IT
The CIA's venture capital arm, called In-Q-Tel, is scouring the nation for new technologies that could solve information management problems in the spy business -- and corporate IT. Christopher Tucker, chief strategist at In-Q-Tel, looks at a lot of technology that's either brand new or used only in a niche industry.

McAfee creates map to track global virus incidence Corp. has boosted global virus intelligence by adding a real-time "virus map" to its Web site. The map claims to allow users to view global virus trends, anticipate virus outbreaks and alert computer users to any virus epidemic. The data for the map is compiled from's Internet-based virus scanning service, which tracks thousands of computers worldwide for virus activity. Any incidences of virus infection are added to the global virus map in real time.

Don't let 'Love' bug bite on Valentine's Day
An anti-virus vendor warns that the "Love" bug, which caused so much disaster for Internet users in May of last year, could cause more heartbreak by coming back to life again this Valentine's day.In a recent survey more than a third of business e-mail users across the UK would still open such a message on Feb. 14, despite the notoriety attained by the e-mail worm, which is estimated to have wreaked ©4.8bn(U.S. $7 billion) worth of damage worldwide. Source: ZDNet (Feb 6, 2001)

Love Bug author says bug created in cyber gang war
Onel de Guzman, who faced charges relating to spreading the Love Bug in the Philippines before they were dropped for insufficient evidence, has taken time out to talk to a reporter at the Chicago Tribune about the nature of virus writing. He suggests the Love Bug was released during a war between local cyber gangs that went wrong.

New Virus Takes Top Spot in Sophos January Report
A new virus entered the fray this month and achieved the number one position in the Sophos top ten virus report for January 2001. The virus, W32/Navidad-B, is a spin-off of the W32/Navidad e-mail aware worm and accounted for 20.7 percent of the viruses reported to Sophos.

NSA computer: Can you crack it?
The National Security Agency has teamed with software emulation firm VMware to envision an almost impenetrable computer that hides data in virtual vaults. Assuming, of course, that it works.
Source: ZDNet (Feb 1, 2001)

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