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Last Updated December 10, 2003

LabMice Link of the Day Archive (December 2001)
As we surf the web in our pursuit of additional content for LabMice, we occasionally stumble upon a really cool, humorous, unusual, or very useful link that we think should stand out from the hundreds we add every week. So we developed a small section on our front page to highlight these, and will archive the rest here.
This Month:

How not to recover from getting hacked
Take a moment to learn from the mistakes that others have made. Because your chance to avoid these worst practices might be just around the corner. Source: CIO

Microsoft Technical Support vs. The Psychic Friends Network: Which Provides Better Support for Microsoft Products?
In the course of a recent Microsoft Access programming project, we had three difficult technical problems where we decided to call a support hotline for advice. This article compares the two support numbers we tried. Source:

Why Worm Writers Stay Free
Even though many are blatant braggarts after committing their crimes -- and authorities vow to catch them -- many authors of e-mail and server worms and viruses remain on the lam. Source: Wired 

Staying Certified: Requirements for Recertification

It©s not enough to get certified. If you want to maximize your career, you need to keep your credentials current. Here©s a look at the recertification mandates you need to know. Source: Certification Magazine

The worst Internet hoaxes
Just because an e-mail message looks legitimate and plays upon our deeply felt hopes and fears doesn't mean it's true. Here's our top ten list of some of the most devious hoaxes and outright scams in Internet history. Source: PCWorld

Is Microsoft's time warped?
An Internet Time utility built into Windows XP Home and Professional editions that is supposed to ensure correct system time instead suffers from intermittent bouts of tardiness, PC World has learned. Source: PCWorld

Roxio, EasyCD and Windows XP - the true story
Roxio is currently in the curious position of insisting that EasyCD Creator 4.x is not compatible with WinXP, and that you should upgrade to version 5, while Microsoft's latest compatibility update for XP claims that 4.x is now compatible with XP. One thinks unflattering thoughts, including expressions like 'bloated fat cat' and 'profiteer' when confronted with those two contradictory claims. Source: The Register

For security, size shouldn't matter
Without proper safeguards, the networking capabilities of today's Pocket PC devices can expose your network to a host of security threats, and open a whole new array of network access points. Administrators should also keep an eye on the developing Pocket PC malware arena. Developing strong policies and the support to properly secure the devices should be a priority. Source: InfoWorld 

Integrating Active Directory and Exchange Server 2000, Part 1
The integration of Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Server 2000 offers a high level of security and functionality - along with some implementation challenges. This article discusses the interreliance and integration of Exchange 2000 and AD, and looks at how Exchange and AD have merged the directory structure into one accessible, secure directory for a domain or collection of domains. Source: 8Wire

Excel's dirty little secret
Excel has features that allow spreadsheet creators to hide, lock and/or password-protect data and mathematical calculations used in original documents. These features seemingly provide a measure of data security to conceal specified data from prying eyes. In reality, that data can be exposed by any end user who can execute a simple copy-and-paste procedure. It takes fewer steps to reverse the security than it does to set it up. Source: NetworkWorldFusion

No Extension on 70-240 Exam
The origination of a rumor regarding the potential deadline extension of the 70-240 Accelerated exam is unknown, but Microsoft continues to state emphatically that it won't do so. Source: MCP Magazine (Dec 13, 2001)

Active Directory: Microsoft Buttressing Best Practices Docs
Acknowledging a shortcoming in documentation, Microsoft Corp. is working to make more best practices documents available to help customers move their Windows networks to the Active Directory. 

Swatting Persistent Security Pests
DoS attacks, worms, and wireless vulnerabilities constantly hover at the edges of your networks. Squash these bugs before they bite. Source: Network Magazine

Windows XP sparks a war of words
If your upgrade to Windows XP didn't go well, than you can surely sympathize with Francesco Cossiga, the former president of Italy. After a less than perfect installation, he sent a scathing letter to Bill Gates, threatened a lawsuit, and lambasted Microsoft in the press. The surprise was that he actually got an answer. Source: PCWorld

Watch Out for Windows XP's 'Gotchas'
On October 25, the day it shipped the new OS, Microsoft posted more than 18MB of bug fixes, compatibility updates, and enhancements on its Windows Update Web site. Not all of the updates are essential--or even desirable--for every Windows XP system. The fine print describing most of the patches warns that you should download and install them only if you're experiencing the problem described. Here's a guide to the top upgrade glitches and their fixes. Source: PCWorld (Dec 10, 2001)

Guess who's hacking to dinner?
The party gets interesting when a hacker celeb Kevin Mitnik meets up with Christopher Painter, (the prosecutor who sent him to prison) at the National Press Club meeting last Thursday. Source: Wired

Microsoft to Bump Up Exam Pricing Next Year
Sources say that beginning Jan. 4, 2002, U.S. pricing for Microsoft exams through Prometric and VUE testing centers will increase 25 percent, to $125. Microsoft's exam pricing hasn't changed in about seven years. Source: MCP Magazine (Dec 5, 2001)

Microsoft redesigns Support Site
Microsoft has given its Product Support Services web site a major overhaul in terms of appearance and usability. The Knowledge Base Search bar has been moved to the last where it is always accessible as you browse articles. There are also direct links to download centers, newsgroups, support phone numbers, FAQ's, etc.,  

Wireless Back Doors
Many people are susceptible to attacks because they underestimate the distance over which 802.11b radio signals can be picked up and they have not created effective security measures to keep intruders out.

R.I.P. Cypherpunks
Once the online haunt of top cryptographers, the Cypherpunks list was characterized by its mix of revolutionary politics and advanced mathematics. This week, a founder pronounced it dead and buried.

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