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Last Updated December 10, 2003

LabMice Link of the Day Archive - July 2000
As we surf the web in our pursuit of additional content for LabMice, we occasionally stumble upon a really cool, humorous, unusual, or very useful link that we think should stand out from the hundreds we add every week. 

Shields up!
If you have a full time internet connection at home (DSL or Cable Modem) and want to test the security of your connection, try this cool free web based utility. Simply visit the site from the workstation you want to audit and agree to the scan. The site will scan your ports and or check your system for common vulnerabilities and visible shares. It will then print out a report with the results and some recommendations.

Windows 2000 Batch files redirect output
According to Microsoft, CMD.EXE in Windows 2000 Professional and Server, as well as Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server, may have problems with batch files that redirect output to a file. If the redirected file name in the buffer calculation is incorrect, you get an overwrite in heap memory and an access violation error. Microsoft is testing a fix that will be in a future service pack. If you need the fix right away, you need to contact Microsoft Technical Support and ask for: 6/14/2000 1:28 PM 204 KB Cmd.exe x86.

Microsoft gets tough on MCSE Exam sites
Owners of seven Web sites were recently found to be in violation of the Non-Disclosure Agreement by publishing questions from certification exams. The site owners -- all certified individuals in Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, and Texas -- were immediately decertified and are now permanently ineligible for any Microsoft certification. Microsoft can take whatever legal action is justified by the facts of a case. Source: (July 18, 2000)

IT Staff push good behavior limits
Just what do IT staff have to do to get fired these days? Well, it seems, quite a lot in America. The latest reports from the US say that the shortage of IT workers is so bad they will put up with ever-decreasing standards of behavior. "The line of subordination has moved. Managers are more willing to tolerate more misbehavior," says one US human resources consultant. Rather than firing naughty staff, or those just not up to it, companies are working more with employees to help them make the grade. Source: ComputerWorld Australia

New Microsoft Readiness Framework Skills Manager 3.0 for Windows 2000
Start getting prepared for Microsoft© Windows? 2000 with the Microsoft Readiness Framework Skills Manager Tool 3.0. This tool provides personalized learning plans and resources to build the competencies to deploy, migrate to, interface with, and develop applications for emerging Microsoft products and technologies. You and your organization will benefit from this structured and comprehensive approach to identifying and building technical competencies and readiness, thereby reducing risk and speeding technology deployment. The Skills Manager uses scenarios to help you learn, identifying job roles and competencies for each scenario and enabling self-assessment against those competencies. The result is a personalized, dynamic learning plan with prescriptive resources to quickly obtain technical readiness. As each new scenario is developed and released, an updated version of the Skills Manager will be released containing all prior scenarios.

The Green Flash, and other Urban Legends
Ten years ago, the monthly CD newsletter ICE (International CD Exchange) reported that "the sound of CDs can be significantly improved simply by marking the inner and outer edges of the disc with a green felt marking pen." Laughed off summarily, the suggestion soon became an industry inside joke. Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered recently that not only is the "green marker" myth still alive and well-and not considered a myth-among many audiophiles. Source: emediapro

Practically Networked
This site contains the most complete "How-To" information for setting up Internet sharing found anywhere! Covers setting up and debugging home networks, selecting modem sharing methods, securing newly shared LAN, extensive troubleshooting information, tips on getting special applications to work through firewalls, and product reviews on Hardware Routers, Wireless and HomePNA LAN products, and more!

Inside Intel: Betting on the future
Who knows where Intel will be in five years? Its research and development labs have an idea or two. Source: ZDNet (July 25, 2000)

Security group going to the dogs after hoax alert
In a parody of the warnings issued by the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), an anonymous correspondent posted a joke warning on Bugtraq, warning that hackers have devised a way to remotely take over Sony's Aibo robot dog and command it to attack, among other unpleasant actions. Source: CNET (July 13, 2000)

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