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Windows 2000 Server Reference Books

Windows 2000 Servers are amazingly stable and well engineered operating systems that are vast improvements over NT 4.0. Microsoft has added plenty if new features, and entirely new ways of performing common tasks that will give even the most experienced NT Administrators a challenging learning curve. Having the right reference will make your training time shorter and prevent costly mistakes.

Note: Most links on this page will take you to the book's description on Bookpool is an online bookstore similar to, but they specialize in Technical books (and they are less expensive.) This is not a paid endorsement, and we do not receive sales commissions from We just think they're the best place to buy our books. We hope you'll agree!

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Newest Reviews

Special Edition Using Windows 2000 Server
By Roger Jennings. Published by Que, June 2000. Paperback, 1362 pages. ISBN 0789721228. This is a wide-ranging book that feels like an encyclopedia - an excellent desk reference for experienced Administrators, but somewhat difficult to learn from. The writing is technically superb, but very dry and printed with a small font size that can be difficult to read for long periods. The book is organized as if you were starting a Windows 2000 network from scratch - starting with the planning process, followed by server installation, networking, connecting client PC's, wide area networking, and Internet/Intranet environments. The chapters are filled with walkthroughs, screenshots, and case studies as well as the author's personal notes. The companion CD includes a cool ADSI25 for Active Directory Application for automating the creation of OU's, Security Groups, user and computer accounts, and files shares for a mythical university with 25,000 members. Retail price $49.99 Get it at Bookpool for only $25.50
Windows 2000 Server System Administration Handbook
By Paul Shields. Published by Syngress, November 1999. Paperback, 802 pages. ISBN 1928994091 A straight forward general reference covering common day to day administration that is a bit dry, but gets the job done. Topics covered include user management, administering file and print resources, managing storage data, monitoring event logs, backing up and restoring data, active directory, implementing and managing users with group policy, security, DFS, and disaster protection. The chapters feature plenty of walkthroughs and screenshots along with helpful notations. Overall, a decent day to day reference for new administrators.
Practical Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
By Robert Reinstein. Published by Que, March 2000. Paperback 558 pages. ISBN 0789721414  
A good primer and general reference for the new administrator who needs to get up to speed quickly in a production environment. Rather than trying to cover every facet of Windows 2000 Server, this book is focused on simply "what you need to know". The chapters are well organized, clearly written, and include many step by step examples which are supported by illustrations and screenshots. 
The Best Windows 2000 Server References...
Mastering Windows 2000 Server, 4th Edition
By Mark Minasi, published by Sybex March. 2002. 1583 pages, ISBN 0782140432
Mark's "Mastering" series for NT 4 were some of the best references written on the topic, and his Windows 2000 series is of the same quality. This is easily the best Windows 2000 Server reference we've seen yet, and is sure to be a classic. The content of the book is excellent and easy to read (which is important for a book with 1,500 pages), and the coverage of difficult technical topics is superb. Mark even has a companion website and newsletter to update the book and correct/clarify any technical issues. A must have for new Admins!!
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit
Published by Microsoft Press, March 2000, ISBN 1572318058
Don't even think about deploying Windows 2000 without this! Although it's doubtful you'll ever read all 7 volumes (over 7000 pages!) of this painfully dry book series, it's an indispensable reference for deploying and maintaining a Windows 2000 Server environment. The quality of the documentation is much better than previous resource kits. It includes a deployment guide, TCP/IP, internetworking, IIS 5.0, operations guide, distributed systems reference, and a CD of the all the new RK Utilities. This set retails for $299.99, but you get it for about $175.95 at
Windows 2000 Server Professional Reference
By Karanjit S. Siyan, Ph.D. Published by New Riders July 2000
. Paperback 1809 pages, ISBN 0735709521 An excellent desk reference and quick resource for seasoned administrators who already have a good grasp of Windows 2000. The depth and breadth of coverage is outstanding, and the chapters are concise and direct without fluff or lengthy explanations. Concepts are introduced with a short summary followed by tables, examples, and helpful illustrations. The author also contributes many helpful real world tips and examples throughout the book.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Administrator's Companion : The Expert Guide to Planning, Deployment and Maintenance
Published by Microsoft Press February 2000, 1464 pages, ISBN 1572318198 A huge book that is a bit more readable than the official Resource Kits, and more comprehensive than most of the other desk references we've seen. This is a great all around reference for Windows 2000 Server that really focuses on the day to day tasks faced by Administrators. Each chapter starts with a quick summary of the basics, and then breaks down related tasks in a step by step format with plenty of screen shots, illustrations, examples, and hundreds of invaluable "real world" tips. The CD includes a searchable electronic copy of the book, utilities, sample scripts, and more. We found it to be a bit dry for "cover to cover" reading, but it's a worthwhile addition to your Windows 2000 library.
Upgrading to Windows 2000 Training Kit
Published by Microsoft Press, August 1999. 429 pages. ISBN 1572318945. Microsoft's Official Training Kit for current NT 4.0 Administrators who need the skinny on Windows 2000. Written in the typical Microsoft modular style, it makes great classroom material but is a bit dry (in our humble opinion) for individual reading. It also has the typical Microsoft "marketing" feel to the writing that turned us off a bit. Other than that, the material is well presented and illustrated and makes a decent training tool - if you can afford it's $79.99 retail price.
Where to find great books at great prices....  
Everybody knows about, but Bookpool is frequently less expensive, and they specialize in Technical Books. They carry MS Press, O'Reilly, Que, Osborne, SAMS, and others.  
Another online professional bookstore. Although we prefer Bookpool's prices, FatBrain has a better selection in a few categories. Essentially our second stop on the web when looking for a title.

Half Price Computer Books
Another source for great deals on computer books. Much cheaper than Amazon and B&N

O'Reilly and Associates  
Publishers of some of the best books in the industry. Well written, concise, accurate, and great cover art!. If I'm looking for a reference book, I always check O'Reilly first. I've never been disappointed. (This is not a paid endorsement!)

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