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Last Updated January 22, 2004

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General Windows 2000 References

Have a great "all in one" reference for Windows 2000 can be an invaluable resource for all Administrators, but with an average price of $60-$100, which one will give you the most value for your money? Here's our picks (in order) of what we think are the top Windows 2000 references available.

Note: Most links on this page will take you to the book's description on Bookpool is an online bookstore similar to, but they specialize in Technical books (and they are less expensive.) This is not a paid endorsement, and we do not receive sales commissions from We just think they're the best place to buy our books. We hope you'll agree!

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Newest Reviews

Windows 2000 System Administration Handbook
By Will Watts, David Watts, and Tillman Strahan. Published by Prentice Hall. Paperback, 722 pages. ISBN 0130270105 An excellent "all in one" reference for Windows 2000 Professional and Server that is ideal for new and intermediate administrators. The book is written as a course and follows a logical progression for tasks common to day to day administration. The writing style is comfortable and easy to follow for new administrators. Individual chapters are relatively short (about 20 pages) but maintain a technical depth that makes the guide useful as an everyday reference. You can read the table of contents, or check out a sample chapter is available in .PDF format here

Windows 2000 Quick Fixes
By Jim Boyce. Published by O'Reilly & Associates, December 2000. Paperback, 285 pages. ISBN 0596000170. A very straight-forward no-nonsense quick reference guide that provides solutions to a number of common problems, first time tasks, and infrequently used features. The book is organized into 13 chapters that cover specific tasks, including installing and booting, configuring hardware, software, and system settings, printing, networking, security, and backup and recovery. Each chapter addresses 12-20 issues by problem or tasks, and each issue is referenced in the table of contents for quick lookups. We were pleasantly surprised by the usefulness of this book, and the are always discovering a few new tricks every time we open it.
The Best Windows 2000 General References...
Windows 2000: A Beginners Guide
By Martin S. Matthews. Published by Osborne, June 2000. Paperback, 646 pages ISBN 0072123249. Don't let the title of this book fool you, this is not a "dumbed down" non technical reference for home users filled with cartoons. This book is part of Osborne's excellent Network Professionals Library series, and is targeted at IT professionals and power users. The book is organized into 6 parts, covering Deployment and Migration, Networking, Communications, Administering Windows 200 Server, and Using Windows 2000 Professional. Each chapter reviews basic concepts, and follows up with clear and detailed explanations of the major product features, supported by numerous line drawings, illustrations, and screenshots. Overall, this is an excellent self study guide, and an ideal resource for Level 1 or Level 2 support personnel who need a technical introduction to Windows 2000's new features and capabilities. It is also ideal for new administrators and managers who need a straightforward overview of Windows 2000 without the marketing hype.
Windows 2000 Essential Reference
By Steven Tate. Published by New Riders
, April 2000. Paperback 672 pages, ISBN 073570869X. This is what a desk reference should be - it contains enough information to be useful and it's small enough to be portable. The book covers common and essential tasks for both Windows 2000 Professional and Server, is easy to read, and well organized. The chapters are very streamlined and surprisingly thorough, making this a good "primer" for Windows NT MCSE's who are short on time. The appendix includes a command line reference, sample batch files and an overview of the Resource Kit Utilities.

Windows 2000 Administration In a Nutshell
By Mitch Tulloch. Published by O'Reilly & Associates, Feb. 2001. Paperback, 786 pages. ISBN 1565927133. Designed for experienced NT administrators who are making the transition to Windows 2000, this book is an absolutely essential and portable reference that is just crammed with obscene amounts of practical information. For those unfamiliar with the O'Reilly "In a Nutshell series", these books are task oriented and are designed to be real world quick reference guides with a minimum of fluff. The fonts are small, explanations are concise and to the point, and there are few illustrations or screenshots. (Ergo, this is not the ideal training guide if your a new administrator, however you'll want a copy with you 24x7 once you're working in the field.) In addition to the strengths of the book series, the author is a well known and highly regarded columnist for whose expertise and writing style really set this work apart. The book starts with an excellent (and humorous) two chapter overview of Windows 2000 that examines the differences between NT and Win2000, highlights some annoyances, and the features the author's unbiased personal views about specific "features" of the new operating system. The remaining chapters are separated by topic (concepts, tasks, consoles, utilities and commands) and are organized alphabetically. Information is incredibly easy to find, and the author includes plenty of real world tips and advice on almost every page. Tip: This book will "walk off" your desk, so when you get your copy, take an indelible marker and write your name in large letters across the cover of the book. Click here to read a sample chapter
Windows 2000 Complete Bookcover Windows 2000 Complete
by Sybex, June 2000. Paperback, 996 pages, ISBN 0782127215 A must have for Administrators on a tight budget, this book is a 1,000 page compilation from six of Sybex's best selling books written by their best authors and is loaded with information, tips, illustrations, and plenty of screenshots. The unique writing styles of the contributing authors will also give you a preview into their other books. The book is divided into 6 sections: Introduction to Windows 2000, Understanding Active Directory, Connecting to the World, Understanding the Registry, Installing and Using Windows 2000 Server, and an Instant Reference Section. It's a steal at the cover price $19.99, but you can get it for $10.95 at!
Microsoft Windows 2000 Administrator's Pocket Consultant
By William Stanek. Published by Microsoft Press January 2000. Paperback, 477 pages. ISBN 0735608318 The smallest of the reference books we've seen. It won't really fit in your pocket, but it is fairly portable and the heavy duty vinyl coating on the cover will help it last longer than most. The author (William Stanek) has plenty of experience writing quick reference guides for Microsoft, and it shows. The book covers both Windows 2000 Server and Professional in a very task oriented format. The content is functional, appropriately illustrated, and includes plenty of tables and useful tips throughout the book. A great companion for the server room or help desk, but we found it too dry for cover to cover reading.
Where to find great books at great prices....  
Everybody knows about, but Bookpool is frequently less expensive, and they specialize in Technical Books. They carry MS Press, O'Reilly, Que, Osborne, SAMS, and others.  
Another online professional bookstore. Although we prefer Bookpool's prices, FatBrain has a better selection in a few categories. Essentially our second stop on the web when looking for a title.

Half Price Computer Books
Another source for great deals on computer books. Much cheaper than Amazon and B&N

O'Reilly and Associates  
Publishers of some of the best books in the industry. Well written, concise, accurate, and great cover art!. If I'm looking for a reference book, I always check O'Reilly first. I've never been disappointed. (This is not a paid endorsement!)

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