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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Windows 2000 Administration References

Although Windows 2000 is based on Windows NT, there enough changes to the operating system and the way common Administration tasks are performed that retraining is necessary for most IT staffs. In addition to the selection of Windows 2000 general references, there are several task specific references that are well worth a look.

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Newest Reviews:

Windows 2000 Administration In a Nutshell
By Mitch Tulloch. Published by O'Reilly & Associates, Feb. 2001. Paperback, 786 pages. ISBN 1565927133. Designed for experienced NT administrators who are making the transition to Windows 2000, this book is an absolutely essential and portable reference that is just crammed with obscene amounts of practical information. For those unfamiliar with the O'Reilly "In a Nutshell series", these books are task oriented and are designed to be real world quick reference guides with a minimum of fluff. The fonts are small, explanations are concise and to the point, and there are few illustrations or screenshots. (Ergo, this is not the ideal training guide if your a new administrator, however you'll want a copy with you 24x7once you're working in the field.) In addition to the strengths of the book series, the author is a well known and highly regarded columnist for whose expertise and writing style really set this work apart. The book starts with an excellent (and humorous) two chapter overview of Windows 2000 that examines the differences between NT and Win2000, highlights some annoyances, and the features the author's unbiased personal views about specific "features" of the new operating system. The remaining chapters are separated by topic (concepts, tasks, consoles, utilities and commands) and are organized alphabetically. Information is incredibly easy to find, and the author includes plenty of real world tips and advice on almost every page. Tip: This book will "walk off" your desk, so when you get your copy, take an indelible marker and write your name in large letters across the cover of the book. Click here to read a sample chapter
Windows 2000 General Administration
Windows 2000 Administration book cover Windows 2000 Administration
By George Spalding. Published by Osborne Media, April 2000. Paperback 634 pages. ISBN 0078825822 At 600 pages, this book is smaller than most references that attempt to tackle this enormous topic. Although not as complete as the larger references, the author manages to strike a nice balance of presenting the information that administrators are likely to need to know as part of their day to day tasks. This makes it a great self study tool for current NT Administrators looking to upgrade their skills, or as a reference to new Administrators who have completed some type of classroom training. Each chapter is about 30 pages in length, well illustrated, and includes many of the author's personal observations and real world advice. The author's writing style is refreshing and makes this one of the few references that are actually palatable to read cover to cover.

Windows 2000 User Management
By Lori Sanders. Published by New Riders, March 2000. Paperback 239 pages. ISBN 156205886X Help desk managers and administrators who spend much of their time managing users will find this book invaluable. Although this topic is covered in many Windows 2000 references, this book is by far more practical, comprehensive, and easier to read. The author writes from her own experiences, relating real world examples, pitfalls, criticisms, and advice that any administrator can benefit from. Divided into three sections, the book begins with an overview of the new user management function in Windows 2000, as well as an overview of Active Directory. The mid section covers User management including group management, migrating users from other directory structures, ADSI scripting, and creating users. The final section focuses on managing the users environment and desktop. 
Mission Critical! Windows 2000 Server Administration 
By Robin Walshaw. Published by Syngress, September 2000.Paperback 709 pages, ISBN 1928994164 An excellent advanced reference for seasoned Administrators who need high availability and maximum uptime in their environments. In the author's own words "this is not meant to be light bedtime reading, but an exploration of the more technical issues of Windows 2000 Server." The coverage of Active Directory, Group Policy, and Networking is superb, well written, and balanced. Additional topics covered included IntelliMirror, managing users and groups, and managing file and print resources. There are plenty of helpful walkthroughs supported by illustrations and screenshots, and the author provides plenty of best practices, tips, and helpful FAQ's. In our opinion, this is a must read if you want to get the most out of your Windows 2000. 

Windows 2000 System Administrator's Black Book
Published by Coriolis Group, August 2000. Hardcover, 717 pages, ISBN 1576102688 A very hands-on (and well organized) reference of common administrative tasks. This book is literally filled with hundreds of step by step walkthroughs of common tasks, covering a wide range of common administrative functions. Each chapter includes a brief overview of the topic, supported by screen shots, line drawings, tables, and critical tips and warnings. The CD-ROM contains a number of utilities from Sunbelt software, Executive Software, and others. The practical advise the authors offer, along with their experience makes this book one of those that should be included on the "must have" list for busy administrators who need to find solutions quickly. If you're a little put off by its $49.99 retail price, you can get it for about $30.95 at
The Windows NT and Windows 2000 Answer Book
By John Savill. Published by Addison-Wesley, July 1999. 818 pages ISBN 0201606364. John Savill is no stranger to most NT Administrators as he is also the author of the highly regarded Windows NT FAQ, (cited by Microsoft's On-Line Developer Network (MSDN) as the most comprehensive and current Web-based Windows NT resource of its kind.) This book is a significantly expanded and more detailed version of the web site that combines a lot of NT 4.0 information (that still translates well to Win2000) and new updated information for Windows 2000 issues. A great book for companies that will be in transition between the two operating systems for a while. (We suspect they'll be a lot!)

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Installation and Configuration Handbook
By Jim Boyce, Published by Que, February 2000, Paperback, 598 pages. ISBN 0789721333 Jim was a former contributing editor for Windows Magazine, and his experience shows in the numerous tips and cautions included on almost every page. Written for the intermediate and advanced administrator, the author assumes you are familiar with NT 4.0 and doesn't "talk down" to the reader. This also makes for a shorter book. Jim covers the subject of installations in under 100 pages, and focuses the rest of the book on configuring everything else about Windows 2000. (hardware, registry, IIS, user groups, dial up connections, etc.,) Overall we liked this book and felt that it's a good reference for desktop support and deployment teams who already have NT experience (Jim's tips alone are worth the price)..
Windows 2000 Server System Administration Handbook
By Paul Shields. Published by Syngress, November 1999. Paperback .802 pages. ISBN 1928994091 A straight forward reference covering common day to day administration that's a bit dry, but gets the job done. Topics covered include user management, administering file and print resources, managing storage data, monitoring event logs, backing up and restoring data, active directory, implementing and managing users with group policy, security, DFS, and disaster protection. The chapters feature plenty of walkthroughs and screenshots along with helpful notations. Overall, a decent day to day reference for new administrators.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Administrator's Companion : The Expert Guide to Planning, Deployment and Maintenance
Published by Microsoft Press February 2000, 1464 pages, ISBN 1572318198 A huge book that is a bit more readable than the official Windows 2000 Resource Kit, and more comprehensive than most of the other desk references we've seen. This is a great all around reference for Windows 2000 Server that really focuses on the day to day tasks faced by Administrators. Each chapter starts with a quick summary of the basics, and then breaks down related tasks in a step by step format with plenty of screen shots, illustrations, examples, and hundreds of invaluable "real world" tips. The CD includes a searchable electronic copy of the book (very useful!), utilities, sample scripts, and more. We found it to be a bit dry for "cover to cover" reading, but it's a worthwhile addition to your Windows 2000 library.
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O'Reilly and Associates  
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