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Last Updated January 22, 2004

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Great Visual Basic Books!

Visual Basic is a powerful programming language that integrates well with Windows 2000 allowing developers to create custom tools and extensions. Find out what books are considered to be the best in their field (and not just by us)

Note: Most links on this page will take you to the book's description on Bookpool is an online bookstore similar to, but they specialize in Technical books (and they are less expensive.) This is not a paid endorsement, and we do not receive sales commissions from We just think they're the best place to buy our books. We hope you'll agree!

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Recommended VB Books for Beginners...

beginVB6.gif (3440 bytes)

Beginning Visual Basic 6 
By Peter Wright, Published by Wrox Press, August 1998, Paperback, 900 pages, ISBN 1861001053. A best selling book and an absolute "must have" for beginners. This book is well written, easy to read, humorous, includes detailed descriptions of the code, and even covers Win32 API and COM components. We have never read or heard of a bad review for this book. GET IT!
VB21days.gif (4126 bytes) Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days: Complete Training Kit  
By Greg Perry, Published by Sams, Softcover, Published December 1999, 1060 pages, ISBN 0672315122 Greg is the author of more than 50 books and does a great job in presenting VB on a beginner to intermediate level. A good prep book that covers a lot of ground, we found others a bit easier to read. To its credit, we know of several people who were "proficient" at VB within a month using this book.
MSVBLE.gif (6514 bytes) Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Deluxe Learning Edition  
By Michael Halvorson, Published by MS Press, 1328 pages w/ CD-ROM, ISBN 1572318732 The official reference from Microsoft. The best part of this kit is that you get a fully supported copy of Visual Basic 6.0, Learning Edition and two outstanding Visual Basic programming guidebooks - VB Basic Step by Step, and the VB 6 Programmer's Guide. Both are excellent references. Unlike other books that require you to already have access to copy of VB 6.0, this guide comes with the Learning Edition CD. It also normally retails for about $139.99, but you can get at for about $81.95
VB6Gup.gif (4323 bytes) Visual Basic 6 from the Ground Up  
By Gary Cornell, Published by McGraw Hill, Sept 1998, 932 pages, ISBN 0078825083 Gary Cornell is an award winning author and professor at the University of Connecticut. This is simply one of the best books available for beginners to intermediate readers. This book assumes you know nothing, walks you through the basics and moves easily into the more advanced topics. The material is very well presented, detailed, and easy to understand. One of our favorites.
Intermediate to Advanced Books
advVB.gif (4882 bytes) Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0  
By the Mandelbrot Set, Published by MS Press, November 1998, Paperback, 880 pages, ISBN 1572318937 Written by a crack team in the UK, this book is close to being the definitive advanced reference for advanced VB programmers. It's filled with real word examples, and the CD contains some great utilities and source code.
hardcorevb.gif (12334 bytes) Hardcore Visual Basic, Second Edition (w/CD)  
By Bruce McKinney Published by Microsoft Press July 1997, Paperback, 730 pages, ISBN 1572314222. A classic "tell it like it is" work on VB. This book is so brutally honest about VB, we're amazed that Microsoft Press published it. It's even available at Microsoft's MSDN page.
VBANutshell.gif (2550 bytes) VB & VBA in a Nutshell: The Languages  
By Paul Lomax., Published by O'Reilly & Associates, Paperback, October 1998, 633 pages, ISBN 1565923588. Another great "Nutshell" guide from O'Reilly. If you're not familiar with this series, this is essentially a desktop reference, not a teaching guide. The majority of the book is an alphabetical reference to all the statements, functions, and procedures of VB/VBA including syntax, arguments accepted by functions or procedures, tips and pitfalls, etc. Check out Paul's Top 15 Vb Tips & Tricks
Win32 API, COM, and VB
VBCOM.gif (4969 bytes) Programming Distributed Applications With Com and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0  
By Ted Pattison Published by Microsoft Press, Paperback, Book & CD Rom edition, November 1998, 314 pages, ISBN 1572319615
ActivexVB.gif (2403 bytes) Developing Com/Active X Components with Visual Basic 6
By Dan Appleman, Published by Sams, October 1998, Paperback 857 pages, ISBN 1562765760 "A Guide to the perplexed". Dan is rapidly becoming one of our favorite VB authors, and making a name for himself as the authority on COM and VB. This book is not a VB primer for beginners, but includes advanced techniques, in depth explanations of COM/ActiveX components and why they work the way they do, and how you can take full advantage of the capabilities of Visual Basic 6.0's  development features.

VBapi.gif (5828 bytes)

Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to the Win32 API  
By Dan Appleman published by Sams, March 1999, Paperback, 1540 pages ISBN 0672315904 Now in its 3rd Edition, this book is fast receiving a must have status with almost every VB programmer we know who writes apps to the Win32 API. (A function that used to be reserved for C programmers until VB5 was released.) Dan's book covers almost every API known to man, includes 80 sample programs, and the entire text is searchable from the CD-ROM . GET IT!
Where to find great books at great prices....  
Everybody knows about, but Bookpool is frequently less expensive, and they specialize in Technical Books. They carry MS Press, O'Reilly, Que, Osborne, SAMS, and others.  
Another online professional bookstore. Although we prefer Bookpool's prices, FatBrain has a better selection in a few categories. Essentially our second stop on the web when looking for a title.

Half Price Computer Books
Another source for great deals on computer books. Much cheaper than Amazon and B&N

O'Reilly and Associates  
Publishers of some of the best books in the industry. Well written, concise, accurate, and great cover art!. If I'm looking for a reference book, I always check O'Reilly first. I've never been disappointed. (This is not a paid endorsement!)

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