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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Resource Sites
This site contains information on Internet Information Server and other Web related topics, such as Active Server Pages and Microsoft Site server. The site is well organized and is definitely worth a look if you manage any Web presence on a Microsoft system. 

Microsoft's Site Server Home Page
The official home page from Microsoft

Microsoft's Site Server Commerce Edition Home Page


Where to start..
Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition evaluation edition
Microsoft download site for evaluation copy of Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition. 

Evaluation edition, Site Server 3.0
Microsoft download site for a 90-day evaluation version of Site Server 3.0. 

Recommended Configurations and Installation Procedures for Site Server 3.0
- Install Site Server 3.0 with All Updates on Windows NT 4.0 without SQL Server installed
- Install Site Server 3.0 with All Updates on Windows NT 4.0 with SQL Server 6.5 installed.
- Install Site Server 3.0 with All Updates on Windows NT 4.0 with SQL Server 7.0 installed.
- How to Install Site Server 3.0 with Service Pack 3 on Windows 2000 with SQL Server 7.0 installed.
- How to Install Site Server 3.0 with Service Pack 3 on Windows 2000 without SQL Server installed.

Site Server Deployment Guide White Paper
Learn how to use Site Server 3.0 to design, develop, and maintain a knowledge-sharing intranet portal site.

Site Server Personalization and Membership Tutorial
Learn how to use Site Server 3.0 to personalize user experience on your site, ensuring that the right people get the right information.

Articles worth reading
Capacity and Performance Analyses
Find documents designed to help you make informed capacity-planning and hardware-configuration decisions.

Creating a Search Catalog with Site Server 3.0
Web sites must have a superior searching mechanism so users can quickly find information. This document provides practical information on creating, configuring, cataloging, and propagating information within large and small companies.

Getting the Most Out of Site Server Knowledge Manager
Find out how you can use the Knowledge Manager application as a foundation for creating a site vocabulary, enabling enterprise search, and facilitating information sharing.

Integrating Microsoft Site Server Search with Microsoft Exchange White Paper
Capitalize on Site Server and Exchange integration via Exchange public folder indexing, advanced site search capabilities, and custom Web solutions such as browser-based cataloging.

Managing an NT Web Site - Windows NT Systems
An extensive review of Site Server 3.0 by Microsoft. (Jan. 1999)

Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Search Database Indexing - Microsoft
An explanation of how database indexing works, troubleshooting tips, and how to accomplish advanced tasks. 

Results of performance benchmark, Web application servers
Press release from Doculabs announces benchmark testing results for web application servers. Results achieved using Microsoft Visual Studio 5.0 and Microsoft Transaction Server reached up to 3,400 pages served per second in the Windows NT environment, and showed that applications written in Visual C++ performed better than those written in Visual Basic. Source: Doculabs 

Site Server, IIS round out Internet offerings
Analysis and overviews of Site Server and Internet Information Server, including features and improvements, and comments from Site Server and IIS Product Managers Source: ENT (Jan. 6, 1999). 

Site Server Multiple Approval Process for Publishing
Content review and management can be a headache, but it doesn't have to be with Site Server. This document provides step-by-step information and scripting samples for creating and maintaining a multiple approval publishing process

Site Server 3.0 Search Database Indexing
Many companies have different database architectures installed within their networks, which makes centralized indexing difficult. This document explains how database indexing works, provides troubleshooting tips, and demonstrates how to accomplish advanced tasks using Site Server.

Using Site Server Search - Windows 2000 Magazine
This article will help you to configure and use Site Server search a valuable utility available on Microsoft Site Server 3.0. Site Server search, which is wizard driven, can be used to crawl ODBC-compliant databases, Web sites, file systems, Microsoft Exchange Public folders, and newsgroups Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (Mar. 14, 2000).

Organizing and Sharing the Contents of a Corporate Intranet
Get tips about how to manage your intranet in in this article reprinted from Patricia Seybold's Workgroup Computing Report.
Implementing Search in the Enterprise
The Enterprise Search features of Microsoft Site Server 3.0 include information gathering, indexing, search, and retrieval capabilities. Read about scenarios and practical information on implementing Search successfully.

Tools and Downloads
Tools for Microsoft Site Server from Compaq Computer Corporation
Microsoft and Compaq have developed a comprehensive solution that makes publishing, finding, and delivering information on a corporate intranet simpler and faster. Visit the Compaq ActiveAnswers Web site for more information.
Service Pack 3
Download these files that contain a collection of bug fixes and information for successful implementation of Site Server 3.0. Included are fixes required to run the product with Microsoft BackOffice Server 4.5 and a patch for Microsoft Windows© 2000 RC2.
Personalization & Membership Migration Kit
Download the Site Server 3.0 Personalization and Membership Migration Kit and use its tools to import information into the Membership Directory from any database that is Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant.
Download this tool that allows you to assess your site's capacity, plan for growth, and track hardware resource utilization.
Software Developer's Kit 1.1
Get new tools and samples, an updated Programmer's Guide and a reference guide as part of this Software Developer's Kit (SDK).

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