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Microsoft© Proxy Server 2.0 is an extensible firewall and Web cache server that provides Internet security while improving network response time and efficiency.
Resource Sites
Microsoft Proxy server Home Page
The official Microsoft Home Page

Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 90-day Evaluation Software Download
Download the free evaluation edition for testing and running labs. You will be asked to enter a Registration Number during setup. The Evaluation Version is assigned the following number: 375-1749043.

Plug-ins for Proxy Server 2.0
A variety of adds and plug-ins for Proxy 2.0 from 3rd party vendors.

Proxy Server Web Administration Tool Download
The Web Administration Tool allows you to configure and administer Proxy Server from any computer using a Web browser. It can also be used instead of Internet Service Manager (ISM), which is provided with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) since it provides similar functionality for administering Proxy Server.

Where to Start
Microsoft Proxy Server Server Administration Guide
Complete book online for Proxy Server Administration

MS Proxy Server Version 2.0 Release Notes September 1997
Please review this entire document before you install Microsoft Proxy Server version 2.0. It contains important information about installing and using Proxy Server, and it supplements the on-line documentation that is installed with the product. 

Proxy Guru's home of the Microsoft Proxy 2.0 FAQ


Articles and Whitepapers 

Coexistence with Microsoft Proxy Server
Sample Chapter 9 from MCSE: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Proxy Server 4.0, published by Prentice Hall

Coopers & Lybrand: Microsoft Proxy Server Security Evaluation
Coopers & Lybrand, L.L.P., Information Technology Security Services April 1997 Abstract
This case study presents the results of tests designed to evaluate Microsoft© Proxy Server security. Interconnectivity security issues and the Microsoft Proxy Server features designed to address these issues are presented. The approach used to evaluate Microsoft Proxy Server security is discussed, and definitions of multiple test cases covering Microsoft Proxy Server installation, configuration, function, and penetration are provided. The configuration of the testing laboratory and its equipment used to evaluate this product is described, and a security checklist and baseline security configuration is presented.

Troubleshooting MS Proxy Server
Chapter 13 from Microsoft ProxyServer 2.0 Training, published by Microsoft Press (included with the Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 Training Kit) This chapter provides solutions for some common problems you encounter while using Microsoft Proxy Server. You learn about the tools and commands you can use for diagnosing problems, as well as other sources of helpful information

Microsoft Proxy Server's Impact on LANs Connected via the Internet

Book review

MS Proxy Server 2.0 Reviewer's Guide

Docs Online: Using MS Proxy Server

Performance Problems on Proxy Servers with over 5,000 Simultaneous Connections
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 255724 - On an extremely busy server with over 5,000 connections being made from the server by using the Connect Winsock call, the server may slow down when it responds to requests. The server may eventually stop responding. (updated 7/29/2000)

Understanding Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 
This documented was not made for people who have been working with Microsoft Proxy Server since its beta (catapult) days. It is made for individuals who are curious about the product and security professionals that are curious as to what Microsoft Proxy Server has to offer. This document is also being written for individuals have a general idea of what a Proxy Server does, but wants to know more. This paper goes into discussion of Proxy Server Features and Architecture, Access Control, Encryption, and Firewall Strategies. By NeonSurge Rhino9 Publications

MS Proxy Server 2.0 and MS Windows 2000
Microsoft© Proxy Server 2.0 requires an update to run on Microsoft Windows? 2000. The following Update Wizard is provided to help you install the required update. To run the Update Wizard, you will need one of the following: 

Microsoft Online Tutorials







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