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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Microsoft's SQL Server is a powerful database engine designed to compete with Oracle and other products based on Structured Query Language. NT Administrators sometimes fall into the role of a part time SQL DBA (Database Administrators) in smaller shops that can't afford a dedicated position, or if they are SMS Administrators in an environment that doesn't normally run SQL Server. (SMS requires SQL). Our goal in this section is to provide NT Administrators a place to start learning SQL and where to find additional and more comprehensive resources.

Resource Centers
Where to Start
FAQ's, tutorials, and other resources for new administrators
General Administration and miscellaneous Technical articles
Backup and Recovery
Don't lose your job because of lost data! Learn how to backup and restore your database.
Installation and Configuration
Installation walkthroughs, pre-planning guides, etc.,
Performance Tuning
Get the most out of SQL 2000 by knowing how to monitor and fine tune your servers
Troubleshooting guides, common issues, known bugs, etc.,

Fast Guide: Undocumented stored procedures
SQL Server stored procedures can help you control access, preserve data integrity and improve productivity, yet you may not be tapping into all the routines that ship with the DBMS. Here we highlight some particularly useful undocumented stored procedures, as well as some other tips and tricks not to miss.

Download SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3a
Install Service Pack 3a (SP3a) for the most comprehensive updates as well as improved serviceability, performance, and security.

Most Popular SQL Server Downloads
Find out what other SQL Server users are downloading with this list of most popular downloads, updated daily
The leading Web portal for quality technical information about database management systems and a vital community for DBAs and database developers.

SQL Server 2000 Books Online Download
Get easy access to complete SQL Server 2000 documentation by downloading this HTML Help file to your desktop

SQL Server and Microsoft Access
To understand when to use SQL Server 2000 and when to use Access 2000, read this page and discover the major operational and design differences between these two Microsoft products.

SQL Server 2000 Trial Software
Obtain the SQL Server 2000 trial software to discover how to build the next generation of scalable Web applications. Order the CD or download it today.

The Definitive Guide to SQL Server Performance Optimization
A free eBook hosted by Precise and written by industry expert Don Jones, this eBook will look provide guidance and examples to illustrate the different performance optimization tactics for SQL Server. Topics will include:  Understanding Performance Components and Scaling Concepts, SQL Server Performance Audit Methodology,  Measuring Performance, Core Server Performance Tuning Techniques,  Basic to Advanced Query Performance Tuning, Scaling SQL Server for Performance, and  Improving Performance from the Client Side


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