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SMS Installer


Installer Step-up Utility for MS Systems Management Server 
Installer Step-up Utility for MS Systems Management Server Published July 1999 Abstract The Installer Step-up Utility (ISU) for Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) is a command-line tool that migrates (converts) setup packages from the Systems Management Server Installer format 

MS Systems Management Server Installer
MS Systems Management Server Installer Automated Scripting Tool for Microsoft Windows Platforms Many software applications require manual intervention during installation, making them poorly suited for electronic software distribution. Systems Management Server Installer eliminates the 

SMS Installer
SMS lets you automatically distribute software packages to client computers, and SMS Installer helps you build customized software packages for SMS to distribute. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (April 1999)

Installer Set-up Utility for Microsoft SMS
Overview of the new Installer Setup Utility for SMS that converts SMS Setup packages to the new Windows Installer format. Source


How to
Adding Shortcuts to Start Menu When Using System Policies
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 198778 - The purpose of this article is to provide an example of how the "Create Shortcut" script item can be used to add a link for a Control Panel applet (in this case, the Advertised Program Wizard) to the Start menu. This may be useful in environments where the user does not have direct access to the Control Panel as a result of a system policy. (updated 351999)

Automatic Rollback With the SMS Installer
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 200374 - The SMS Installer contains the ability to update an existing application installation, such as Modify the installation (make INI and registry changes) and to install updated executables and data files. With this ability comes the facility to backup the changes made during an update to an existing installation. The SMS Installer can provide the framework to automatically backup replaced files, registry and INI file changes during an installation. It is then possible at a later point to roll back the installation to the previously installed state.

Using the Systems Management Server Installer to Install an MMC Snap-In
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 212919 - You can use he Systems Management Server Installer to install a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in on target computers.

Working with Complex Expressions and Operators
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 235724 - The Systems Management Server 2.0 Installer included with Systems Management Server Service Pack 1, includes functionality for complex expressions and operators.

Technical Article and Whitepapers
Sleep Functionality Now Built Into SMS Installer
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 235725 - Service Pack 1 of Systems Management Server 2.0 Installer has an additional Sleep script item that can be used to pause the installation program for a specified length of time.
Installer Does Not Restart Automatically After Reboot During a Repackage
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 203933 - When doing a repackage in Systems Management Server Installer and a reboot is made during the repackage, Systems Management Server Installer does not automatically restart and continue with the repackage after the reboot is complete. (updated 361999)

SMSINST: SMS Installer Uses Short-Date Format from Regional Settings to Obtain Date Information
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 225520 - Systems Management Server Installer supports obtaining the current system date and time by using the "Get System Information" script item. You can configure the "Get System Information" script item to populate a variable with a string representing the current system date and time. The string that is stored in the target variable is formatted to conform to the short-date format as it is specified in the Regional Settings too in Control Panel.

SMSINST: REG_MULTI_SZ Entries Repackaged by Installer Are Not Recreated with Terminating Double Nulls
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 235782 - When an application adds REG_MULTI_SZ values to the registry that has been repackaged with the Systems Management Server Installer, the executable that is generated by Systems Management Server Installer fails to recreate these registry entries

SMSINST: SMS Installer Dialog Box Does Not Display All Text
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 198987 - When inserting the script item "Radio Button" dialog box in the Systems Management Server Installer Script Editor, it employs an existing dialog box template. The Radio Button dialog box settings window will allow you to insert more text than the default templates can display. If you need a custom dialog box to display a long string of text you can create a new Custom Dialog Box or you can copy and modify the existing templates.

SMSINST: SMS Installer Cannot Directly Call Windows API Functions
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 236035 - Systems Management Server 2.0 Service Pack 1 Installer (version 2.00.80 or above) now has two options when using the Call DLL script item:

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