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Software Metering with SMS

Where to Start

Information on Scaling Software Metering
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 263023 - The purpose of this article is to provide information on scaling software metering for medium to larger sized Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0 sites.

Metering Software
In this chapter, you will learn how to use the software metering feature of Systems Management Server version 2.0 (SMS) to manage software licenses and restrict the use of specific software applications. Before you begin software metering tasks; however, your site hierarchy configuration must be complete, and you must identify a site system to use in a software metering server role.

Systems Management Server Software Metering
An explanation of the three roles and the core functions involved in software metering.


How to

How to Enable the Software Metering Spy Window
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 231409 - You can set the Software Metering client agent to debug mode by enabling the Software Metering Spy window. This is helpful for troubleshooting Software Metering client problems.

How to Deny Access to Programs with Software Metering in Offline Mode
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 244906 - You can use the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) Software Metering feature in Offline mode to prevent users from starting programs, such as games or a virus program, rather than just enforcing product license limits.

How to Use Software Metering in Online Mode to Force License Verification
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 228899 - The Software Metering component of Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 (SMS) has two different modes of operation, Offline mode and Online mode. Offline mode is a passive operation that provides a list of applications that have been executed.

Technical Article and Whitepapers

Ensuring SW Metering Does Not Start Out of License Apps
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 199745 - In Systems Management Server (SMS) version 2.0, the Software Metering component can be configured to monitor the use of applications and restrict use when necessary. When configuring Software Metering, you can set it to block any attempts to open a file after a set number have been opened. For example, if you have 100 licenses for Notepad and you currently have 100 users using Notepad, then the next user that attempts to open Notepad will not be able to. However, if the user renames Notepad.exe to N.exe either by way of copying or by renaming, they can circumvent the license restriction

Resource Manager Does Not Use Domain Names 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 201055 - In Systems Management Server 2.0, administrators have the ability to limit users of licensed software by adding or importing Windows NT users and groups from Windows NT domain controllers. This is a function of software metering and is done in Resource Manager. When you add a Windows NT user or group in Resource Manager, you do not specify Windows NT domains. Therefore, you cannot add a user or group with the same name from two different Windows NT domains. Resource Manager does not distinguish between user or group names from different domains. This is by design.

Software Metering Components on the Client
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 198706 - The Software Metering (SWM) client agent must be configured correctly in order to perform, set up a SWM server, and configure the Tool itself. The client machine itself holds no configurable aspect of SWM. All the client agent configuration is done through the MMC Systems Management Server Administrator Snap-In. The client machine does hold the SWM agent, Licclint.exe (32-bit) Liccli95.exe (16-bit).

16-Bit MS-DOS-Based Programs Not Supported for Software Metering
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 230246 - Most 16-bit and 32-bit Windows-based programs are supported for Software Metering. However, Software Metering cannot track or meter 16-bit MS-DOS-based programs on Microsoft Windows NT Software Metering clients.

Reasons Software Metering Server Fails to Install
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 200964 - When installation of a software metering server fails, there are several areas to troubleshoot.

Registry Errors on Software Metering Clients
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 199747 - Clients that have the Systems Management Server version 2.0 client installed may receive an error in the LICCLI.LOG file stating: Problem with the registry (error 2). SWM server probably not configured properly (LicenseServers key missing?) Generally this means that the client agent was installed on the client computer before a Software Metering server was setup. Installing Software Metering during the site server installation installs the components on the site server so they can be installed on a computer. It does not configure the site server as a Software Metering server by default.

Software Metering Doesn't Meter Some Applications
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 199997 - If an application or service starts before the Software Metering agent starts, it will not be monitored by Software Metering.

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