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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Hardware and Software Inventory

Microsoft's Systems Management Server allows for automated inventory management of workstations, software deployment, and remote troubleshooting for medium to large WANs. 
Where to Start...

Administering Inventory Collection 
Explains the inventory collection process for hardware and software. 

How to Force Hardware and Software Inventory in SMS 2.0
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 206800 - In Systems Management Server 2.0, you can force inventory to be taken on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT systems running the Systems Management Server client using the following steps:  

HowTo Determine if a File is "Known" or "Unknown"
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 202326 - Systems Management Server 2.0 can perform software inventory based on file type using a wildcard character. The default is to search for .exe files (*.exe), but you can modify this to search for any file type.

Turning Off Software Inventory on a Single Client
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 255959 - The following procedure describes how to disable software inventory on a single client server, such as a large file server.


Articles and Whitepapers 
Documentation Error in Administrator's Guide about Hardware Inventory
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 201751 - This article describes a documentation error in the Systems Management Server Administrator's guide under Collecting Hardware and Software Inventory.

How Systems Management Server 2.0 Network Discovery Discovers Clients With Static IP Addresses
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 228900 - Systems Management Server 2.0 Network Discovery may not report discovery data for computers that have static IP addresses. Viewing the Netdisc.log (logging must be enabled via Systems Management Server Service Manager) reveals that the computer is found and its IP address is identified, but a Data Discovery Record (DDR) is not written. A DDR is not written unless the subnet mask of the computer can be positively determined.

How SMS Uses the SMS_DEF.MOF in Hardware Inventory
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 199318 - In Systems Management Server 2.0, clients use the SMS_DEF.MOF file to determine what information will be collected during the next hardware inventory. The SMS_DEF.MOF file can be found on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Window NT systems in the %WINDIR%\MS\SMS\Sitefile\<site code>\Hinv folder. In the event that the system administrator needs to change the list of items collected by the hardware inventory agent, the administrator must modify the master copy of the SMS_DEF.MOF file stored on the site server in the following location: SMS\INBOXES\CLIFILES.SRC\HINV

SMS 2.0 Searches the Entire Drive for Files Collected
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 200345 - When specifying multiple files in the File Collection tab in Software Inventory, System Management Server 2.0 searches the entire drive for these files and they DO NOT have to be in the same directory, as with Systems Management Server 1.x.

Troubleshooting: Known Bugs and Issues 
Troubleshooting Software Inventory Problems
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 200852 - Troubleshooting Software Inventory Problems The information in this article applies to: Microsoft Systems Management Server version 2.0 Includes a checklist of common fail points.

Troubleshooting Systems Management Server Inventory 
Troubleshooting Systems Management Server Inventory Written by Gordon Hee and Peter Kurata, Network Systems Support Engineers with Microsoft Enterprise Data Management and Applications. Introduction This document provides information on troubleshooting problems with the Systems 

Floppy Drive Spins During Hardware Inventory Scans
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 198770 - In Microsoft Systems Management Server version 2.0, normal hardware scans may cause constant scanning of the drive A diskette. An Event ID 115 may also be observed on Microsoft Windows NT clients.

Software Inventory Does Not List Individual Files
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 202082 - Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0 Software Inventory reporting detail can be configured to report just the application, but not the files associated with the application. This is configurable in the Software Inventory Agent configuration

Software Inventory Will Not Scan for an Individual File
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 199116 - Software Inventory in Systems Management Server version 2.0 will scan only for file extensions that are defined in the user interface (UI),

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