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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Exchange 2000 Security

Where to Start
Designing a Protection Frontier to Safeguard your Network
Jerry Cochran outlines a stacked approach for protecting your network from viruses and suspicious content. Source: Windows 2000 Magazine (April 2001)

Advanced Security in Exchange 2000, Part 1
Exchange 2000's updated Key Management Service offers expanded S/MIME capabilities. Source: Windows 2000 Magazine (May 2000)

Advanced Security in Exchange 2000, Part 2
Microsoft's messaging clients integrate with Advanced Security to support S/MIME security enhancements. Source: Windows 2000 Magazine (June 2000)

Advanced Security in Exchange 2000, Part 3
Discover the S/MIME enhancements and capabilities that Microsoft has added to Outlook 2000 Service Release 1a in an effort to keep your email more secure. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (Aug 2000)


Exchange 2000 in the Enterprise: Tips and Tricks Part One
In this two-part article we will discuss an alternate configuration in which we will utilize Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server, a third party SMTP Gateway (Trend Micro's Internet Messaging Security Suite) and Exchange 2000. This sort of configuration is flexible enough to be used in smaller installations that do not use a DMZ, or as part of the DMZ configuration itself. Source: (Jan 2003)

Exchange 2000 Postmaster@IP And Abuse@IP Mailboxes
If you ever need to add Postmaster@IP And Abuse@IP addresses to your Exchange 2000 server, you will not be able to do so with ADUC. This article describes a way in which it can be done with ADSI Edit. Source:

HOW TO: Prevent Exchange 2000 from Being Used as a Mail Relay 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 310380 - This step-by-step article describes how to prevent Exchange 2000 from being used as a mail relay. Note that the default Exchange 2000 configuration does not allow unauthenticated users to relay through the server. 

More About the Exchange 2000 Server Security Vulnerability
Jerry Cochran looks at the Exchange 2000 Security problem and Microsoft's actions to keep it from becoming a bigger problem.

Securing Exchange Server
Investing your time, effort, and even money in precautions against attacks can prove priceless when you want to protect your Exchange Server organization. Source: Windows 2000 Magazine (April 2001)

Secure Exchange 2000 IMAP4 Service Publishing with ISA Server 2000 - Part 1: Securing Publishing of the IMAP4 Service
Everyone knows that Exchange 2000 is the perfect mail server if you need to support thousands of users, but its also great if you have fewer than a hundred users. If you're running a small shop, you might want to save on bandwidth costs by using ISA Server and IMAP4 publishing. Publishing IMAP4 is great, but you need to do it securely. Check inside for all the details you need to make it work! Source:

Secure Exchange 2000 IMAP4 Service Publishing with ISA Server 2000 - Part 2: Understanding the Co-located SMTP Servers
In the first part of this article on publishing the Exchange 2000 IMAP4 service, we went over the procedures required to make the IMAP4 service available to users on the Internet via ISA Server 2000 (ISA Server) Server Publishing Rules. In this, part 2, of our secure IMAP4 publishing series, we'll go over the high level details required to understand the Co-located SMTP server scenario we're building. Source:

©Secure? your Exchange Server on the Internet for $100
I know the security folks are going to tear into me for this, partly because I use the word Secure, and partly because it is not truly secure. Let me share with you some ideas on how you can install Exchange 2000 and AD and let your users connect from the Internet with their MAPI client as well as OWA.

Tips for Securely Connecting Your Exchange Server to the Internet
Read about the tools provided by Microsoft Windows NT and Exchange Server that reduce security risks associated with e-mail sent over the Internet.

Win2K Security and Exchange 2000
Authentication, access control, and auditing benefit from Win2K and Exchange 2000 security integration. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (Oct 2000)


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