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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Exchange 2000 Deployment and Migration Resources


Preplanning Guides

Deployment Best Practices and Resources
Read this document for answers to many common questions about deploying Exchange 2000, and the relationship between Exchange and Active Directory.

Exchange 2000 and Active Directory Deployment Considerations
Learn how and when to coordinate the planning and deployment of Exchange 2000, Windows 2000, and Active Directory by reading this white paper.

Exchange 2000 Up-to-Date
Ready, aim, and deploy. Learn the basic steps to deployment and the key differences between Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000. Source:

Exchange 2000 and Server Consolidation White Paper
See how the consolidation of the services offered by multiple Exchange 5.5 servers, onto a smaller number of Exchange 2000 servers, helps you see a return on resources you expend to upgrade. Source:


Exchange 2000 Capacity Planning & Topology Calculator
Scalability is significantly affected by your deployment. Before making an accurate prediction of the scalability of an Exchange deployment, one needs to also consider: the software client used to access mail, the associated server transactions with that client, the hardware used in the deployment, and the physical deployment itself. This paper details these variables, in addition to outlining how to use this resource utilization model. Source:

Exchange 2000 and Windows 2000 Information Flow and Routing
Sample Chapter 8 from Introducing Microsoft Exchange 2000 from Microsoft Press. Plan your deployment of Exchange 2000 with the two different aspects of message transfer in mind -- the flow of messages through Microsoft Windows and Exchange, and the routing of messages from server to server. Source:

Extend the Usefulness of your Exchange Deployment with Unified Messaging
Exchange 2000 has direct support for unified messaging applications and content. Jerry Cochran explains how UM can extend the usefulness of your Exchange deployment. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (November 2000)

Making the Decision to Migrate to Exchange 2000
This session will help the viewer walk through the logical process of deciding to migrate to Exchange 2000. During the session we will evaluate technical, business, and performance related issues as well as describe the process of evaluating Exchange 2000's core functionality areas against your organization's critical business objectives. Source:

MS Exchange 2000 Server Planning and Installation
Microsoft has published the entire contents of their new Exchange 2000 book on TechNet for free! This is the printed book included with Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, and it provides planning and installation information for novice and intermediate administrators using Exchange 2000 Server. Administrators and planners responsible for deploying Exchange should read this book from start to finish before deploying Exchange Source:

Planning Your Implementation of Exchange Server White Paper
Read this guide for ideas on planning and managing your Exchange Server installation. Source:

Planning an Exchange 2000 Migration Strategy
Before you move to Exchange 2000 Server, you need to start with a clean infrastructure. Find out the keys to a smooth migration. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (July 1, 2000)

Preparing for Exchange Server 2000 Deployment
Over the next few weeks, Jerry Cochran will review certain steps you should take when preparing for Exchange 2000. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (March 2000)

Upgrading from Exchange 5.5
Choosing an Exchange 2000 Upgrade Strategy
Jerry Cochran discusses two strategies for upgrading from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000. Source: Windows 2000 Magazine (July 2000)

Planning an Exchange 2000 Migration Strategy
Before you move to Exchange 2000 Server, you need to start with a clean infrastructure. Find out the keys to a smooth migration. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (July 2000)

Comprehensive Upgrade Guide to Exchange 2000
Learn how to deploy Exchange 2000 with this detailed, multi-part guide that includes tools and instructions for configuring the Windows 2000 Active Directory service. Source:

Deploying Exchange 2000: A Practical Overview for Upgrading Exchange 5.5
You've decided to deploy Exchange 2000 Server. Congratulations! Now you are wondering "How?" This session offers a step-by-step practical overview of the complete process of deploying Exchange 2000 into an existing Exchange environment.

Deploying Exchange 2000: Upgrading from Exchange 5.5 (Part 2)
This session (a continuation of Part 1) dives into the details on how to introduce Exchange 2000 into your existing Exchange deployments. Source:

Guide to Upgrading from Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange 2000 Server
Learn how to upgrade to Exchange 2000 Server with this downloadable guide, which includes requirements and processes for upgrading from Exchange Server 5.5. Source:

Microsoft Exchange Move Server Wizard
This wizard helps you move Exchange Server between new and/or existing sites and organizations. Source:

Migrating to Exchange 2000 and Active Directory
Make a smooth transition from Exchange 5.5 to 2000 by choosing the migration path that's best for you. Source: DevX

Migrating to Exchange 2000: A Personal Saga
Jerry Cochran discusses his experiences with migrating his Exchange Server 5.5 environment to Exchange 2000. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (December 2000)

Migration Tip: Maintaining Account Permissions and Access to E-Mail When Migrating Mailboxes
Ensure that users with Exchange Server 5.5 mailboxes and users with Exchange 2000 mailboxes can exchange e-mail during migration.

Recovering Exchange 5.5 after an upgrade failure to Exchange 2000
This article discusses three scenarios for recovering a server running Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 after a failed upgrade. Source:

Two Strategies for Moving from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000
Jerry Cochran explains two strategies for migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000: the upgrade your server approach and the move mailboxes approach. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (April 6, 2001)

Upgrading Public Folders from Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server
This article addresses the features that affect the upgrade of public folders from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. Source:

Migrating from other Platforms
Lotus Notes
Compare Lotus Notes/Domino and Exchange Server, read developer's tips for getting the most out of Microsoft Outlook 98, and get tools for moving from Lotus Notes to Exchange Server.

Lotus cc:Mail
Read an overview of the best cc:Mail migration practices, read technical white papers and case studies, and get migrating tools and demos.

Microsoft Mail
Get an overview of migration strategies, tips on making your migration easier, migration tools and demos, and more.

Migrating from GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Online Seminar
Prepare to migrate from GroupWise to Exchange Server and learn strategies for simplifying the process in this seminar on the Microsoft Seminar Online site. View a demonstration of coexistence and migration tools such as the Microsoft Exchange Connector and the Microsoft Exchange Migration Wizard.

Migrating from GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange 2000
An overview of the process of how to migrate mailboxes from GroupWise to Exchange 2000. This overview will discuss the use of both the Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise, and the Exchange Migration Wizard. (May 2000)

Migrating from Microsoft Mail to Microsoft Exchange
This session discusses planning and execution aspects of a migration from Microsoft Mail to Microsoft Exchange Server. It looks at technical aspects of strategies for both the aggressive go-getter and the risk-averse network manager, and reviews.

Novell GroupWise
Read about GroupWise 5.5 and deploying Exchange in a Novell environment, and get tools for moving from GroupWise to Exchange Server.

IBM OfficeVision and SNADS
Read about the Nissan Motor Corporation's migration to Exchange Server or compare migration and connectivity tools.

Third-Party Migration and Coexistence Tools
Find information about Exchange Server migration and coexistence tools that are provided by third-party vendors.

Technical Strategies for Migrating from cc:Mail to Exchange Server Online Seminar
Discover coexistence versus migration options for cc:Mail administrators, and learn how to configure migration tools when migrating to Exchange Server on the Seminar Online site.

Upgrading from cc:Mail to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server 
So, its time for you to migrate off your cc:Mail platform. Discover the tools and techniques that can migrate users data quickly and easily, with the least amount of risk or effort. This session will detail exactly why the easiest platform to move to is Exchange 2000. (May 2000)

Exchange NL

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