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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server offers collaboration through data, video, and voice conferencing across intranets and the Internet, with integrated scheduling and management services. A platform for "meetings without walls," Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server reduces travel costs, improves productivity, and enables anytime, anywhere collaboration for knowledge workers.

Where to Start
A first look at Conferencing Server
Use Exchange 2000's Conferencing Server to create a virtual office and enable "meetings without walls." Source: DevX

Demonstration Video
View this streaming video demonstration of Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server.

Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server Datasheet
Learn about Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server, a real-time collaboration platform that enables data, video, and audio conferencing. You'll also find information on its features and system requirements.

Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server and H.323 White Paper
Learn about Internet Protocol (IP) Multicast conferencing, traditional H.323 conferencing, and how Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server offers videoconferencing implementation.


Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server Release Notes
Critical issues for installation and deployment are included with the Release Notes that shipped with the Exchange 2000 Server CD. The Addendum includes recent additions not included in the shipped release notes

Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server Technical Overview
This session provides an overview of how Exchange Conferencing Server 2000 (ECS) supports data, voice, and video conferencing across the intranet and Internet.

General Troubleshooting Guides
Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server Top Support Issues
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 281602 - This article provides a list of articles that address the top issues for Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server (as of December 2000) and describe relevant troubleshooting information for those issues.

Helpful Information About Troubleshooting Exchange 2000 Conference Server
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 256870 - This article includes a helpful list of information to gather and questions to ask when you are trying to troubleshoot the Microsoft Exchange 2000 Conferencing service.

How to Verify an RVP Record with Nslookup
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 285131 - This article describes how to use the Nslookup.exe utility which comes with Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 2000 to look up an RVP protocol record for Exchange Server Instant Messaging software.

Troubleshooting Authentication Failures in Instant Messaging
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 278974 - When Instant Messaging users attempt to log on, they may receive the following error message:

Known Bugs and Issues
Conference Calendar Mailbox Is Not Configured When Remotely Administering Exchange 2000 Conference Server 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 251925 - When you attempt to manage a separate conferencing server that is located within a separate Windows 2000 site you may receive the following message, even though the conferencing site has previously been configured with a Site Conference Calendar mailbox.

Error Message When Installing Conferencing Server
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 273655 - When you attempt to install Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server, you may receive the following error message:

Error When You Install Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server Through Terminal Services Client
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 286440 -  When you install Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server through a Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services client, you receive the following error message:

Installation of Conferencing Service Does Not Add Conferencing Directory Objects to Correct Administrative Group 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 252799 - When you install an Microsoft Exchange 2000 server with Conference Management Service selected, the directory objects for Conferencing are not added to the administrative group that you selected during the Exchange 2000 setup.

Unable to Install Conferencing Management Service in a Domain with Multiple Sites 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 263929 - When you attempt to install Conferencing Management Service (CMS) on a member server in a domain that has more than one site defined, you receive the following error message:

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