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Last Updated December 16, 2003


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Exchange 2000 and Active Directory

Where to Start
Differences Between the Windows 2000 ADC and Exchange 2000 ADC
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 260902 - The Active Directory Connector (ADC) that comes with Microsoft Windows 2000 replicates only the site naming context information whereas the ADC that comes with Exchange 2000 replicates the site naming context and the configuration naming context information.

Exchange 2000 Server and Active Directory
Find out how Exchange 2000 Server integrates with Active Directory.

How to Completely Remove Exchange 2000 from Active Directory
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 273478 - You may need to completely remove all instances of Exchange 2000 from Active Directory. This article explains how to do so.

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Internals: Group Objects
Read about the differences between how group objects are implemented in Exchange Server 5.5 and in the Active Directory© service. You'll get a good understanding of how groups should be configured and deployed in an Active Directory and Exchange 2000 environment.


Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 Server Terminology Primer White Paper
Delve into this glossary of the most commonly used Active Directory and Exchange 2000 technical terms and acronyms.


Active Directory Trick: Extend the Active Directory Schema for Exchange 2000 Without Installing Exchange
Use this trick to extend the Active Directory schema for Exchange 2000 without creating the Exchange organization in Active Directory. Source:

How to Delegate Mailbox Access in Active Directory
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 262399 - In Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, by default, only the mailbox owner has permission to access his or her mailbox. As an administrator and for troubleshooting purposes, there are times when you need to access a user's mailbox. (updated 10/18/2000)

Active Directory Connector (ADC)
ADC Installation Requirements
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 253286 - To successfully install the Active Directory Connector (ADC) and configure a Connection Agreement, you must be able to log on to Windows 2000 Server with an account that carries distinctive credentials.

ADC Service Account Requirements
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 249817 - The account specified as the Active Directory service account must be part of the Built-in Administrators group in the domain where the Active Directory Connector (ADC) is installed.

Description of the Active Directory Connector Schema Map
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 253832 - This article provides a general description of how the Active Directory Connector (ADC) maps attributes by reading a set of rules that are located in the Active Directory. This is the most important job of the ADC.

How to Install Only the Active Directory Connector Microsoft Management Console
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 267564 - When you attempt to install the Exchange 2000 Server Active Directory Connector (ADC), you may receive the following error message:

Support Boundaries for Active Directory Connector Inter-Organizational Synchronization
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 264482 - This article outlines the support boundaries of using the Active Directory Connector to replicate directory information from multiple Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 organizations into the Active Directory forest.

Troubleshooting Active Directory Issues
Active Directory Connection Manager Shortcut Is Missing After ADC Installation
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 251471 - After you install the Active Directory Connector (ADC), the Active Directory Connection Manager shortcut is missing from the Administrative Tools section of the Start menu.

Active Directory Connector Does Not Bind to Global Catalog in an Exchange 2000 Organization
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 251468 - When your Exchange 2000 mixed-vintage organization contains sites that span across multiple domains, or your Exchange 2000 organization consists of multiple domain controllers within a domain, replication may not occur even though Connection

"No Site Name Is Available for This Machine" Error Message When You Install the Active Directory Connector
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 257888 - When you are installing the Microsoft Exchange 2000 Active Directory Connector (ADC), Setup may fail with the error message:

Saving a Connection Agreement Fails with c103aa66
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 267373 - After you install the Active Directory Connector (ADC) on a member server, connection agreements cannot be saved and you receive the following error message:

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