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LabMice is part of the Windows Network of sites from TechTarget. Our goal is to be the definitive guide to online resources for IT Professionals who deploy, manage, and support Microsoft products and services. 

You can also visit the other sites in our network to find free white papers, newsletters, expert tips, webcasts and more.  Sites in the Windows Network include:




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Batten down your Windows shop
The job of securing the Windows enterprise never ends. With news and advice on topics like Network Access Protection and locking down Hyper-V, this Windows Digest offers resources to help keep your data safe.  Source:

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Virus Alerts

Patch Tuesday brings a bumper crop of security fixes
Microsoft released several security bulletins for Patch Tuesday, fixing vulnerabilities involving remote attacks and client-side issues. Learn why you should install these patches. (October 13, 2009)

New AD features in Windows 2008 R2 outshine Hyper-V
IT pros are more excited about the new Active Directory features in Windows Server 2008 R2 than anything else, including Hyper-V with live migration. (October 8, 2009)

Microsoft releases Sysinternals disk conversion tool
Windows expert Mark Russinovich describes uses for the new, free Sysinternals tool, Disk2vhd. (October 8, 2009)

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Checklist for upgrading to Windows 7
Moving enterprise workstations to Windows 7 doesn't have to be a daunting task. This expert article provides 5 steps to take when upgrading from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7.

Virtual desktop terms explained

Top 10 Windows Server 2008 R2 updates

SharePoint e-zine: practical IT tips

Windows Administration Guides and Tutorials

Distributed File System (DFS) Tutorial
Find resources on Microsoft's Distributed File System, including troubleshooting tips and best practices for working with DFS Replication, DFS Namespace and more.

Hyper-V Management Guide
Considering a Hyper-V deployment? Check out this collection of tips, book excerpts and video presentations for a better understanding of Microsoft's virtualization technology.

Windows Server 2008 Learning Guide
Here you'll find tips, videos and more covering the top features and improvements included with Windows Server 2008, as well as info to help you plan your migration..





Professional Enterprise IT Management
Managing a successful Windows or IT project is about managing people. Browse our collection of links and tips to find out how you can work more efficiently, reduce stress and increase your productivity. We regularly add new content, so check it out today!

Scripting School for Windows admins
Welcome to's Scripitng School archive with Christa Anderson. Christa is an expert on the subject of Windows administrative scripting, and her bi-monthly columns explore the ways that admins can use scripts to manage their Windows environments. Ready to increase your scripting knowledge in a hurry? It's time to go to school!

Windows Server 2008 Learning Guide
This Windows 2008 guide features tips, videos and more covering the top features and improvements included with the OS, as well as info to help you plan your migration.

Successfully Deploying Microsoft Service Packs
Service Packs are a compilation of bug fixes and updates to the code base of Microsoft's operating systems (Windows NT/2000/XP) or applications (Office, Exchange, SQL). They are suppose to improve stability and enhance security, but Microsoft's service packs have been known to create some serious problems of their own, and can wreck havoc on your network. Before you jump right in and deploy Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 or Windows XP Service Pack 1 in your environment, take a minute to review our best practices for testing and deploying Microsoft Service Packs. 
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